Permanent Placement

Our permanent placement division is adept at finding the right candidates for your business. Our fee is contingent solely on the successful placement of candidates at your company so there is virtually no risk in involving our organization to assist in your search. Our contracts are not cookie cutter and can be designed to work within almost any budget, situation, or position.

We can guarantee the tenure of our placements for up to a year

We allow our clients to finance their placement rates over time

We can tie our placement rates to the success of salespeople

Temporary Employees

We offer temp and temp-to-perm services for all office type positions. We can offer you temp services to help get you through your busy season or through a special project. Our temps are always vetted and interviewed and we don’t send blind resumes to waste everyone’s time. We also offer temp-to-perm contracts so you can ensure that you are getting the best employee possible during a try-out period. We also like to be as transparent as possible with our bill rates so you know that your budget is as big a priority to us as it is to you.

We offer temps for accounting, admin, IT, human resources and more

Our pricing is always transparent as you can be comfortable with the bill-rate and pay rate of the contractors

Free conversions on temp and temp-to-perm employees after their set trial periods

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We can work as a part of your company on an hourly basis rather than contingency to help hold down your costs on multiple openings. This is a great option for companies with no or small HR departments but more in-depth recruiting needs. Let us handle that and we can take over your postings, screening, interview scheduling, job fairs, internship programs, and other things necessary in your talent acquisition strategy.

Our People

Our internal recruiters and sourcers all have experience or have been trained in the fields that they are hiring for. We believe that interviews should be in-depth and thorough looks at candidates instead of shallow, repetitive check-lists. We believe our unique process opens up your workplace to different and overlooked candidates that less experienced recruiters and sources can’t find.

Our Vision

We believe that recruiting should be a personalized process for every employer and every position. We take a holistic approach to understand what exactly the duties of your open position are and exactly what it will take to be successful in your workplace.